Social Shopping

Have you ever asked someone to shop with you to take advantage of a discount, or just to cut down on shipping costs? With Fast White Cat's Social Shopping innovation module, now you can! It's super easy and intuitive to share your shopping experience with your friends or family, and moreover, to save money.


How does it work?

1. Add the first product to the cart, choose option "Shopping with friends", and complete a short form.

2. Generate and send a unique link to the shared basket to your friends via email or social media like Facebook.

3. By clicking the invitation link, your friends join the common basket and can start shopping. A special light lets you know if your friends have finished, or are still in progress of adding products to the cart.

4. When your friends finish shopping, an appropriate message will be shown and the light indicator will change its color to green. This means that your common basket is ready to begin checkout process.

Social Shopping for Magento Commerce



Fast White Cat S.A. created a social shopping module that allows you to save money by sharing one shopping cart with your friends.

About the Innovator

This innovation was submitted to us by Cezary Kożon, Chairman of the Board at Fast White Cat S.A., a Magento Solution Partner. Fast White Cat is one the biggest ecommerce agencies in Central Europe (over 45 Magento Developers) and offers comprehensive services in addition to designing and building ecommerce sites based on Magento. Their international clients are: 4F, Tally Weijl, Go Sport, eapteka by Dr Max, Tolpa.

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