Video Calling

Vinculum Solutions has developed a custom module making it possible to video call within Magento. The aim of creating this functionality is to provide a more seamless experience in the healthcare industry, where a patient can schedule an online appointment with a doctor, and complete the process with a video call.


Within the Doctor panel, doctors can login and create appointment slots according to their preference and schedule. They can also adjust the default appointment duration, block out their lunch or break window, and set the total number of appointments available for the day. Based on these configurations, the system automatically generates appointment slots.

On the front end, a patient can search for a doctor either by name or by specialization, and book an appointment by choosing an available time slot. Once the order is placed with the selected appointment, that particular time slot is no longer available for others.

An integration of Sinch is used for placing the voice/video call between the doctor and patient. Viniculum has also implemented a feature to validate drivers for camera and mic, and to alert the customer if there are any problems prior to making the video call.

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About the Innovator

This innovation was submitted to us by Rajat Goel, Business Head – Mobility & eCommerce Applications at Viniculum Solutions, a global software company enabling omnichannel retailing. They help brands and retailers to easily scale, reach, and delight customers across channels globally.

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