Virtual Try-On

Bjorn Russell, the co-founder and optometrist at SPEQS, noticed a gap in the online optical market; sales for eyewear online versus in-store are lower than in other industries. This is partly because people want to see how eyewear looks on them, making them more comfortable to purchase. At SPEQS, they launched the first ever real-time AR app for virtually trying-on and buying eyewear. Check it out in the video below.


The ecommerce app is currently available on iOS and Android in Australia only. The catalog and checkout section of the app are powered by Magento 2.x, as well as the online store.

The SPEQS app measures the seg height and pupillary distance by mapping the customer's face and fitting their selected eyewear. These measurements are needed to accurately personalize the lenses for the chosen frames, ensuring that the prescription sits correctly in the user's vision. This is a technology we call "TrueFit".

The app and online store are tightly integrated through the REST API and webview — from the cart page TrueFit can be launched, which pre-populates some of the measurements needed for a valid prescription, as well as a price calculation that’s specific for that customer. After checkout, these measurements will become available in the Magento order.

Virtual Try-On for Magento Commerce



The SPEQS app makes it possible for customers to purchase certain lens types that they wouldn’t be able to get online otherwise.

About the Innovator

This innovation was submitted to us by Erfan Imani, who is the Lead Developer at SPEQS Limited. SPEQS is an Australia-based company, who believes technology should help us see a better world. Their goal is a brighter, clearer and more empowered future.

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