Magento Order Management

Order Management

Sell from and fulfill from everywhere. Our inventory and order management feature helps businesses with multiple brands, sites, stores, warehouses, etc. create seamless cross-channel experiences.

Magento Order Management eCommerce channels

Keep track of all your inventory across multiple channels

Don’t let partial or incorrect inventory information hurt your sales. Inventory Management allows you to manage inventory across one or multiple locations and sales channels with concurrent checkout protection and shipment matching algorithms.

  • Accurately track your inventory quantities across multiple locations (warehouses, stores, drop shippers and DCs)
  • Always obtain a live count of your salable stock 
  • Configure management settings globally, per source and per product
  • Add new physical locations to manage product inventory as your business keeps growing
  • Create and expose a single view of orders and inventory across channels

Magento Order Management growth and expansion

Efficiently orchestrate orders with fulfillment methods

Inventory Management takes your commerce capabilities to the next level. With out-of-the-box support for single and multi-address orders as well as BOPIS*, Inventory Management can help you exceed customers' expectations while providing the flexibility shoppers expect nowadays.

  • Turn stores into mini-distribution centers
  • Manage refunds, cancellations, back orders and more...
  • Provide customers with flexible fulfillment options such as Buy Online and Pick-up in Store (BOPIS) and curbside pickup^.
  • Automate sourcing by priority or distance across sales channels

Magento Order Management customer service

Support Complexity, Growth and Expansion

Ensure that you can execute on all of your strategic plans for growth and expansion. Take advantage of one solution that is capable of bringing tangible benefits out-of-the-box yet, is flexible enough to be expanded and customized to meet your growth and future needs.

  • Access and manage every channel’s inventory from one central management system
  • Easily add new locations (sources) to enable scalable expansion business
  • Integrate with Magento Marketplace extensions or third-party solutions
  • Further develop and customize Inventory Management to meet your needs with our open API
What drives Magento Commerce?

What drives Magento Commerce?

Learn more about the components of Magento Order Management that make creating world-class customer experiences possible.

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