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Sell Food Online For CakeSupplies, the Proof was in the Pudding

The Dutch baking supplies company NewCakes BV needed a robust B2B solution. Adobe Commerce 2 helped them launch 40 storefronts in 20 countries across Europe in six months.
Sell Food Online - CakeSupplies - food and beverage eCommerce
40 Storefronts in 6 Months
+7.7% Mobile Traffic
+57% New Customer Requests

The Dutch baking supplies company needed a B2B solution to rise to the occasion.

Based in the Netherlands, NewCakes BV sells cake decoration products for the home baking market, to large-scale consumers, and retail. The company’s popular website, — “the nicest cake shop” — focuses on consumers, offering everything a budding baker needs to create delicious cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and cake pops. In 2017, NewCakes BV decided to re-launch their B2B brand, CakeSupplies, because it had outgrown its old platform, osCommerce.

Food eCommerce - CakeSupplies

“Our previous web store no longer complied with the demands of current times,” said Rosalinda Moritz of CakeSupplies. “Both technical and marketing developments were standing still.” The company needed a state-of-the-art B2B customer service and ordering portal to serve their existing customers, while attracting new ones. Their ambitious plan was to launch 40 online storefronts in 20 countries and in five languages. To power this large-scale international growth, they needed a scalable platform. After much research, they decided to launch on Magento Commerce 2, after learning of the B2B functionalities that are included with the solution.

With the new webshop we are able to develop our business. Magento helps us improve our findability and delivers new possibilities for posting content on the site.

Rosalinda Moritz
Online & Trade Marketeer, CakeSupplies

A B2B webstore that feels like B2C.

Together with their solution partner, Experius, CakeSupplies effortlessly integrated Magento Commerce 2 with Mamut, their ERP system, and to a new custom-made PIM system, and to their WICS Warehouse Management system (WMS). They added real-time inventory management, customer-specific prices, and an upload tool to enable buyers to place big orders quickly and easily. CakeSupplies found that Magento Commerce 2 offered all the features their B2B users demanded, including bulk ordering, support for a high number of order lines, a seamless experience that felt as smooth as B2C — and a responsive mobile experience that was the cherry on top.

Sell Food Online - CakeSupplies

CakeSupplies added specific customizations to match their business goals: a pricing tool powered pricing-per-customer that provides certain users bigger discounts on brands, pricing at city level, and the ability to set a minimum price. Stock notifications help customers know when marzipan, edible glue, or chocolate sprinkles are back in stock, and delivery date indicators let them know when their supplies will arrive. This up-to-date inventory information is delivered on a minute-by-minute basis from their WMS system. Finally, they added a quick-order view to allow buyers to add multiple products from the category page with one click, for faster ordering.

International expansion is easy.

The CakeSupplies project launched in October of 2017. Together with a new design and logo, Magento and Experius created a webstore that is far more attractive to their customers. The new eCommerce website was effortlessly rolled out in countries including The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia, and Denmark among many others. Next, the company worked with an SEO expert, creating six websites within Magento, each with two to five different languages to attract brand new customers in these new markets.

Sell Online - CakeSupplies

Now, making changes to their sites is easy: for example a change made on one Dutch language site is automatically made on other Dutch language store views, saving time and effort. Customers also enjoy the new business to business functionality, including alerts that offer better pricing when buying in bulk. By launching 40 storefronts in countries across Europe in six months, CakeSupplies was thrilled when new registration requests increased by more than 57 percent. And thanks to its improved mobile store, mobile traffic increased by nearly eight percent too.