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April 5, 2017

Magento Accelerates Digital Innovation with Commerce Cloud Enhancements

Shipping, Business Intelligence, Content Management and Social Media Capabilities Advance Customer Experiences and Simplify Commerce Innovation for More Than 260,000 Merchants Globally

LAS VEGAS — April 5, 2017 — Magento Commerce, the worldwide leader in cloud digital commerce innovation, today at Imagine 2017 announced major enhancements to its flagship product, Magento Commerce Cloud, including new capabilities for shipping, content management, social commerce, payments, and business intelligence. Merchants will benefit from elegant drag-and-drop content management features that make it easier to build rich sites, facilitate social commerce, and leverage built-in analytics to elevate the brand experience. This announcement marks a significant step forward for Magento in enabling merchants and developers to delight audiences with seamless, personalized experiences across all channels and phases of the customer journey.

“In today’s fast-paced, noisy economy, brands need to anticipate and deliver exceptional experiences ahead of consumer demand. Commerce must come to customers, whenever and wherever they want it,” said Jason Woosley, SVP of product and technology at Magento. “These additions to Magento Commerce Cloud demonstrate our commitment to providing leading capabilities to merchants as they compete in this new era of commerce.”

The new Magento Commerce Cloud enhancements enable merchants to:

  • Optimize shipping and fulfillment: Magento Shipping provides greater control and automation over the entire shipping and fulfillment process, effectively reducing cart abandonment and unlocking business efficiencies to accelerate growth. Magento Shipping is powered by Temando, and provided as a bundled extension in Magento Commerce Cloud. Magento Shipping also provides an API-based infrastructure that delivers speed, scalability, reliability, and connectivity to third-party shipping providers while offering out-of-the-box access to regional and international carriers. For more information, please see our separate press release, “Magento Commerce Introduces Magento Shipping to Provide Merchants with Global Scale and Cost Efficiencies”:
  • Deliver richer experiences, faster: The addition of advanced content management from Magento BlueFoot CMS dramatically simplifies content creation and management with powerful tools and intuitive user interfaces. By empowering non-technical teams to own and deploy content, this advanced CMS enables merchants to quickly launch richer, more compelling shopping experiences that drive conversion.
  • Extend and integrate a unified social media presence: Magento Social enables merchants to engage with audiences directly through social media channels, including Facebook and Pinterest. With social channels expected to account for upwards of 10 percent of total online sales in 2017, Magento Social enables merchants to easily integrate updates and promotions, as well as provide detailed analytics that drive improved traffic. For more information, please visit:
  • Provide business performance visibility and insight across commerce channels: Magento now offers merchants sophisticated and fully customizable business intelligence tools as a part of Magento Commerce Cloud. With Magento Business Intelligence Essentials, Magento merchants can more easily and cost-effectively understand customers, products, and orders. Businesses will have the confidence to make decisions and take quick action for their marketing, merchandising, and topline business initiatives. For more information, please visit:

The new Magento Commerce Cloud enhancements will be available this summer.


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