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April 23, 2012

New Partners Join the X.commerce Ecosystem

eBay Inc.'s X.commerce welcomes innovators such as Avalara, e-Dialog Express, Fanplayr, Kabbage,Lexity, M2E Pro and TheFind


Las Vegas — April 23, 2012 - At the Magento Imagine eCommerce 2012 conference, X.commerce today announced several new partners have joined its global ecosystem that includes commerce leaders eBayPayPal and GSI Commerce.

The newly announced partners, including Avalara, e-Dialog Express, Fanplayr, Kabbage, Lexity, M2E Pro and TheFind, have developed new integrated capabilities that will help enhance merchants’ eCommerce sites. More information on these extensions and services can be found by visiting Magento Connect, a leading eCommerce application marketplace.

By delivering end-to-end commerce solutions for businesses of all sizes, X.commerce is able to provide a single integration point for Magento customers so technical complexities and costs are minimized. Because X.commerce supports an open ecosystem, many end-to-end solutions will be delivered by external developers and partners. The newest X.commerce partners include:

"By joining forces with X.commerce, more merchants can quickly and easily access our advanced tax-decision technology, giving them more time to spend on what matters most: delighting their customers and growing the business," said Avalara chief executive officer and founder Scott McFarlane.

"e-Dialog is excited to be integrated into the X.commerce platform and to provide an email marketing solution specifically tailored for the needs of the Magento merchant. Merchants can now seamlessly tailor email promotions to customers’ preferred access methods and to drive greater engagement. Magento merchants can proactively manage abandoned shopping baskets and implement other advanced email marketing tactics designed to increase average order value, boost new customer acquisition and improve customer retention levels," said Billy Conway, head of product management, e-Dialog.

"Access to data powered by X.commerce is driving a renaissance of innovation and capabilities like Fanplayr’s ‘Smart & Targeted’ multi-variable social coupons and offers platform. For the first time ever, merchants can target their best customers, prospects and visitors with real-time data to deliver loyalty and value-based incentives," said Fanplayr chief executive officer Simon Yencken.

"Kabbage has revolutionized finance for small businesses, taking a painful seven-week approval process that almost always results in a ‘no’ to a seven-minute online process that usually results in a ‘yes.’ With X.commerce, our simple process now gets even easier with a seamless integration. We look forward to providing working capital to tens of thousands of Magento merchants so they can continue to grow and prosper," said Rob Frohwein, chief executive officer of Kabbage.

"Lexity’s focus on making advertising simple for the merchant has a solid foundation in X.commerce’s zero configuration approach. We look forward to building additional advertising capabilities as X.commerce grows," said Lexity chief executive officer Amit Kumar.

"Following the success of M2E Pro eBay, we now proudly present the M2E Pro Amazon integration. This product has been designed and developed in line with X.commerce’s vision of enabling scalable, flexible solutions and overall delivering great results for end users. We strongly believe that Magento has now become an industry standard and by being a division of X.commerce, we look forward to expanding our product range and integrating with more marketplaces," said Alex Podopryhora, director of M2E Pro.

  • Avalara: AvaTax from Avalara provides the most complete set of transactional tax compliance services available for merchants, including tax calculation, exemption certificate management and returns processing. AvaTax features Avalara’s geo-location engine, which uses latitude and longitude coordinates instead of zip codes to deliver accurate calculations in even the most complex jurisdictions. Seamless integration with the Magento and X.commerce platforms allows merchants to choose from multiple capabilities ranging from calculation to automated returns and remittance.
  • e-Dialog Express: e-Dialog Express gives Magento merchants access to industry-leading email marketing tools, making it easy to effectively communicate with both customers and prospects. Integrated via the X.commerce platform, e-Dialog Express provides an intuitive email editor as well as tools for tracking email opens, clicks, Web page views and social sharing.
  • Fanplayr: Fanplayr Coupon & Offer Gamification enables Magento merchants to harness the marketing and sales capabilities of ‘Smart & Targeted’ coupons and offers from data accessed via the X.commerce platform.
  • Kabbage: Kabbage provides funding for online sellers so they can grow their businesses more rapidly. Magento streamlines the application and payment process for merchants by accessing PayPal Payment capabilities via the X.commerce platform. Kabbage disburses loans to merchants via PayPal Payments, and uses PayPal’s PreApproval API to establish automatic repayment of loans.
  • Lexity: Lexity SEM is an online advertising management platform that helps Magento merchants implement effective AdWords PPC campaigns while minimizing time spent managing campaigns. Through integration with the X.commerce platform, Lexity pulls the product catalog and order history data from Magento merchant sites and uses this information to create ads and keywords in AdWords. Lexity automatically manages and optimizes keyword bidding, feeding more volume to keywords and ads that lead sales. As a result, merchants increase their incremental revenue.
  • M2E Pro: The M2E Pro extension integrates Magento and eBay platforms. It allows quick and easy creation and management of listings, synchronized stock level, imported eBay transactions and orders, and automatically leaves feedback. In addition to the Magento-to-eBay extension integrated with the X.commerce platform, M2E Pro allows Magento merchants to manage their Amazon listings and import Amazon orders.
  • TheFind: TheFind is a powerful shopping search engine that indexes more than 450 million products from 500,000 online stores for consumer comparison shopping. Magento makes it easy for merchants to quickly add this configurable capability to their stores by accessing the CSE contract via the X.commerce platform.

"We have collaborated closely with the X.commerce team on defining the product feed contract for shopping search engines and are pleased to release our implementation of this contract as a plugin," said Shashi Khandelwahl, chief technology officer of TheFind. "Merchants can now easily onboard their data feeds to TheFind from within the X.commerce platform, freeing resources to focus on sending more referrals to these stores through, our mobile comparison app, and new social channels like Glimpse."

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