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Become a Technology Partner

Magento offers two ways for technology companies to tap into the Magento ecosystem—Technology Partnerships and Extension Builder Partnerships. To become a partner, you must have an existing extension in the Magento Marketplace.

Technology Partnerships are for third-party software companies who provide software to extend the capabilities of Magento merchants. Learn more

Extension Builder Partnerships are for companies who build extensions that enhance features and capabilities of Magento or enable integrations. Learn more




To get started, you’ll need a Magento Developer Account. If you do not have one yet, please create an account and complete your profile. To submit your extension, use these steps. On the Developer Portal, click My Products, the Extensions tab, and Add Extension.

For more information, read our blog on what you need to know to sell extensions on Marketplace.


Become a Solution Partner

Help fuel the growth of retailers and brands worldwide. The Magento Solution Partner Program gives you the full power of the Magento community, enabling even greater success. Ready to learn more? Check out the program details and get started today.

Become a Community Insider

If you’re an individual developer or a small agency not currently in one of Magento's Partner Programs, the Community Insider Program is the perfect first step to formalize your relationship with Magento. You’ll have direct access to everything you need to build your Magento business practice including a Magento Commerce sandbox account and source code.