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This entry-level developer program provides individual developers and small agencies with direct access to tools and resources to expand their knowledge and skill set, and to help grow their businesses. It will also accelerate developer efforts to help merchants launch and build dynamic online stores using Magento Commerce.

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Community Insider Benefits

Attract new clients

  • Earn a Community Insider Badge to show merchants that you've met the Magento Commerce proficiency requirements.
  • Increase exposure of your business with your dedicated listing in the Community Insider Directory.
  • Get access to selling and marketing resources on the Magento Partner Portal.
  • Enjoy additional exposure with the opportunity to be featured in branded content and attend Magento events.

Formalize your relationship with Magento

  • Take Magento U training courses at discounted rates.
  • Learn quickly with a cloud sandbox account and direct access to Magento Commerce source code.
  • Stay up-to-date with early software release information, patches, and tools.
  • Hear the industry and Magento Commerce buzz directly from our monthly Community Insider newsletter.
Community Insider Badge

Program Qualifications

First, complete the application. Once approved, you will need to:

  • Pay an annual program fee of $3,000.
  • Have at least one certified Magento developer on staff. The Associate Developer is the minimum certification level accepted. A Solution Specialist Certification does not currently qualify.
  • Submit any leads to Magento. You'll get a referral commission if a net new lead turns into a paid customer.
  • Provide a portfolio of customer examples to showcase your work.

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You will need to be logged into a Magento account to apply for the program. It's OK to use an existing account if you have already submitted an extension to Magento Marketplace.

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"We are a small agency that has completely bought into Magento development. With this new program, we are excited to be recognized and have access to Commerce code, marketing assistance and training. We look forward to growth both for us and for our clients."

Joseph Maxwell SWIFTotter Solutions
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Community Insider Program?

The Community Insider Program (CIP) is the entry-level program that provides direct access to tools and resources to grow your Magento business practice. This program is designed for the Magento developer community and smaller dev shops who primarily focus on Open Source. As an Insider, you’ll get access to Magento Commerce source code, Cloud sandbox environment, sales and marketing resources, and discounted training courses.

How is this different from the Solution Partner Program?

The CIP has lower level requirements and is self-service. One Certified Associate Developer on staff is required, and no minimum revenue targets. The goal is to build your business and skill-set to one day graduate to the Solution or Technology Partner Programs.

What are the program benefits?

To help formalize your relationship with Magento, the Insiders have access to Magento Commerce Source Code + a Cloud sandbox environment, a Community Insider Badge, a directory listing on, Partner Portal access, and much more.

Who can join the program?

The first phase of this program is ideal for single developers or consultants and smaller agencies around the globe. We will continue to evolve the program and include other audiences in the future.

What are the requirements to be in the program?

At least one certified Magento developer on staff (Associate Certification is the minimum level accepted. Solution Specialist Certification does not currently qualify). You'll need to pay an annual program fee of $3,000 and submit your customer list within three months of joining the program.

How much will the program cost?

There is an annual program fee of $3,000. However, if you submit a new lead to Magento that turns into a paid customer, you will get a referral commission to be used towards your next year's program fee or within Magento U.

When was this program launched?

The Community Insider Program became available in the summer of 2018. We look forward to expanding the program in the future to include other user groups.

How do I pay?

Once approved for the program, we will ask for a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX) or PayPal information. Wire/check options are available by request if needed.