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What does a Technology Partner do?

In combination with the Magento commerce platform, our partner technologies will provide you with the technology and functionality you need to enhance your business.

Here are a few examples of dozens of technology categories:
User Generated Content & Loyalty
User Generated Content & Loyalty
Product Information Management
Product Information Management
Payments & Sales Tax
Payments & Sales Tax
Delivery & Fulfilment
Delivery & Fulfilment

How to choose a Technology Partner

Are you looking to expand your business into new countries? Do you want to refine your site search, product catalog, shopping or checkout experience? Are you concerned about your compliance with data privacy or sales tax regulations?

Magento Technology Partners can help you develop and optimize in many ways: From improved customer discovery and enhanced purchasing journeys, to preferred fulfillment options and business systems integrations.

Here are a few things to consider, when selecting your Technology Partner:

  • Geographic capabilities
  • Targeted business segment (B2B, B2C, D2C) requirements
  • Technology expertise and proven customer success

Types of Magento Technology Partners

All Magento Technology Partners contribute to the extensibility of the Magento platform, and our program supports two types of participants:

Extension Builders

Extension Builders

Extension builders are comprised of developers, system integrators, and other members of the broader Magento community that create extensions to supplement the functionality of the core Magento platform. These extensions are available on the Magento Marketplace.

Independent Software Vendors

Independent Software Vendors

ISVs offer their own software or service. Their integrations sit on Marketplace, but their solutions are not embedded as an extension into Magento. You download their actual connector or integration and will also contract independently with these partners.

Partner Levels

  • Innovate Partner
  • Accelerate Partner
  • Premier Partner 

Learn about our Technology Partner Tiers

General Technology Partners Badge

General Partners showcase their extensions in the Magento Marketplace. Their extensions go through our Extension Quality Program so merchants can be assured their extensions are quality extensions.

Select Technology Partner Badge

Similar to General Partners, the technology of Select Partners is reviewed by Magento. Select Partners go beyond an entry-level partnership by contributing to educational activities for Magento merchants and Solutions Partners.

Premier Technology Partner Badge

Premiers helps global companies deepen their Magento product integrations and offer merchants the most innovative commerce solutions. They work closely with Magento to develop programs to drive technology advancements within the ecosystem. This level is by invitation only.

Partner Success Stories

Magento Merchants are already taking advantage of our partner network. Discover more Customer Case Studies and Innovations Lab Showcases.

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Network and gain industry insights by attending a partner and community event near you.

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Magento Partner Awards

Technology Partner Awards

Every year we recognize partners who made significant contributions to eCommerce and played an instrumental role in our customers' success.

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Partner Community Contributions

Magento places great value on its worldwide community and our partners play an integral role in our success. To learn more about the Magento Community overall, click here. If you are an existing partner and would like to contribute content, please reach out.

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Partners on our Blog

Many of our partners contribute to our blog with useful eCommerce advice that any merchant can benefit from.

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Resources from our Partners

Learn from partners who are experts in their given field - covering a variety of topics, from email marketing to mobile optimization.

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