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    Celebros - Magento’s Premier Site Search partner – ECG approved for both Magento 2 and 1.X

    Celebros is the global leader in Natural Language Site Search, Merchandising and Navigation technologies for online retailers. Through intelligent concept-based and semantic algorithms, Celebros’ Site Search understands the shopper’s intent, queries and personalized search terms. In return, Celebros’ natural language Site Search delivers relevant and accurate results the first time and every time on the first page resulting in higher conversion rates, increased AOV’s and turning more visitors into paying customers.

    Magento merchants receive a feature rich suite of conversion boosting tools that include:

    • Natural Language Site Search – Machine Learning
    • Advanced Auto Complete
    • Guided Navigation
    • Faceted / Multi Select Navigation – Machine Learning
    • Product Recommendations
    • Product Finder / Guided Shopping
    • SeeVolution Heatmapping Analytics
    • Dynamic Merchandising Engine
    • Virtual Categories / Dynamic Landing Pages

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    Celebros is the only Premier Technology partner with Magento ECG approved plugin/code