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Drive Your Business with Data

With Magento Business Intelligence Pro, you can easily harness the power of your Magento Commerce database along with your other systems to accelerate smart data-driven decisions. You can eliminate the technical hurdles that your teams face with data, and give them the capabilities to analyze what is important with just one solution. Automated data syncs update your dashboards throughout the day so your organization can have the confidence it needs to take action.

Identifying Your Most Profitable Customers

              An Introduction To Customer Segmentation

Features & Benefits

Control and Manage Your Data

Governing your data is effortless with Magento Business Intelligence analytics. Connect various systems and automatically bring your data together. Stay in control by managing everything with built-in functionality.

Visualize Your Data

Once your data is under control it is ready for action. In-platform tools make it intuitive to turn data into insights, and insights into striking visualizations. Accessing and analyzing your data has never been easier.

Data-Driven Dashboards for B2B Merchants

Feature Highlight

Data-Driven Dashboards for B2B Merchants

Magento knows that B2B businesses have specific needs when it comes to how they leverage data. In this video, we take a look at the B2B reports that are available out of the box when you use Magento Business Intelligence Essentials.

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