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Features & Benefits: Control and Manage Your Data

Data Replication and Warehousing

Cloud Based

Never feel out of the loop. Access and analyze your data anywhere you have internet access. No need to download software. We push updates regularly.

Prebuilt Integrations

Save the hassle of building and maintaining connections. Quickly integrate 3rd party data sources and databases using our prebuilt integrations.


Connect any data source you would like with the platform using our flexible API. We have all the documentation you need to make it happen.

File Uploads

Quickly upload a .csv or spreadsheet to begin analyzing it. File uploads are a great way to bring supplementary data into the platform.

Automated Data Replication

Data automatically replicates and syncs from each system you connect. This is done on a regular basis and keeps all of your reports up to date.

Hosted Data Warehouse

Don’t worry about building your own data warehouse. MBI Pro includes a hosted data warehouse as a core capability of the platform.

Data Management

Control What Syncs

Selective options allow you to decide what data from each of your systems syncs with MBI Pro. This provides security and keeps your account clean.

Model Your Data

Powerful tools allow users to leverage the data warehouse. Join tables, build new columns, convert currencies, create arbitrary derivatives and more.

Build and Edit Metrics

Metrics are your business definitions or KPIs. Define which data you are using to calculate each metric. This helps keep everyone on the same page.

View System Summary

Get a snapshot view. System Summary allows you to see an outline of all the metrics, filter sets and data dimensions within your account, all in one place.

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