Google Shopping ads Channel in Magento

Efficiently power your marketing 

Reach more shoppers looking for what you sell with a Google Smart Shopping campaign in Magento.

Get the power of Google’s advertising network
in one end-to-end solution

Easily manage everything in Magento

Set up and manage ​your advertising campaigns​ through the ease and familiarity of your store’s Magento admin. Let Magento be the single source of truth for all your eCommerce activities.

Get the ROI you desire

Smart Shopping campaigns automatically optimize your bids, audiences, and products to help drive the most conversion value for a given budget.​ Modify your budget and advertised products at any time for ultimate flexibility. Track the performance of your campaigns with intuitive reports to ensure you’re getting maximum ROI.

Start advertising with Google Smart Shopping campaigns in a few clicks

Leverage​ Smart Shopping campaigns​ to get your products in front of the right shoppers. Through the Magento admin you can create a ​Smart Shopping campaign​ in just a few clicks and let Google’s machine learning do the rest.

Connect your Magento store with Google Merchant Center and Google Ads seamlessly

No need to get a developer involved! Through Magento you can seamlessly create your Google Merchant Center account and set up your Magento catalog to work with Google’s data requirements. As your business changes, simply modify your configurations. Easily create a Google Ads account and start advertising, all from your Magento admin.

Keep your store catalog and inventory in sync with Google, automatically

As your business, product catalog and inventory changes, Magento automatically stays in sync with Google so you never have to worry about advertising out-of-stock products or inaccurate product pricing.

Since using the Google Shopping ads Channel extension, we’ve cut our ads Cost of Sale by 50%.

Rik Powell ecommerce Manager, The Emporium Direct



Simplify and optimize your Google advertising campaigns


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