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Features & Benefits: Powerful Data Capabilities

Experience driven commerce is enabled by powerful data capabilities. Magento Commerce takes care of the heavy lifting so that you can focus on learning more about your customers, products, marketing campaigns, etc. Contact sales to learn more.


Automated Data Consolidation & Management
With Magento you have the option to connect your most vital systems and consolidate your data into one central AWS data warehouse. Data from each source will automatically update on a regular basis. This will save your teams hours of data pipeline maintenance and eliminate manual work.

Always Accessible Cloud-Based Platform
Never feel out of the loop with cloud-based data reporting technology. We make it possible to access and analyze your data anywhere you have access to the internet. Simply and securely log in via any web browser to begin managing and analyzing your data.

Best Practice Commerce Dashboards Included 
On day one your account will be filled with five best practice dashboards. They will use your Magento data and focus on analyzing your customers, orders and products. This way you can hit the ground running and quickly see things like customer lifetime value, repeat order probability and top selling products.

Easy-to-use Report Building Tools
You do not need to be a data scientist to get insights when using Magento. Built reports with our intuitive interface. Easily create formulas and adjust time parameters in a few clicks. Quickly switch perspectives from all-time to percent change vs. last period, etc. More technical users can write SQL queries to build their reports.

Unlimited Customizable Data Visualizations
Make every report easy to interpret with beautiful visualizations. Change the chart type and pick your own custom color palette. The great thing is that you can build as many reports and dashboards as you’d like. Once saved, they can all be edited and further customized in the future.

Magento Business Intelligence provides a comprehensive feature set that is included with Magento Commerce from day one. Additional capabilities are possible. Speak with your sales representative for details.  

Contact sales or call us at: (855) 733-5533