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The Commerce Platform for Developers and Small Businesses

Magento Open Source eCommerce delivers the features you need to build and grow a unique online store from the ground up. However, for those who need an all-in-one cloud solution that is optimized for Magento, easy to deploy, provides enhanced security, and is packed with additional integrated capabilities to accelerate sales, consider Magento Commerce.

Now is the time to Migrate to Magento Commerce Cloud

Support for Magento 1 Open Source is ending June 2020. Get the details and learn about 6 months free if you upgrade to Magento Commerce Cloud now.

It's Extensible

Get the most out of your eCommerce stores by extending its capabilities with ready-to-use extensions from the Magento Marketplace.

Find Resources

Magento boasts the largest community of implementation partners and developers in the world who can help you build your eCommerce store. In the Magento ecosystem, teams share innovative ideas, help each other solve problems, and collaborate to advance the capabilities and performance of the eCommerce platform, all of which you benefit from.

Gain the Insights You Need

It has never been easier to analyze your data. Magento Business Intelligence Essentials provides every Open Source merchant with a strong reporting foundation. Connect your database and gain immediate access to up to 100 customizable reports such as lifetime value, repeat purchase probability, and coupon usage. Learn more here or get access today.

Become a Magento Certified Professional

Embark on a new career serving thousands of Magento merchants by honing your skills with Magento courses and online resources.

Want to reduce shipping costs? Ship internationally?

If you are on v2.2.2 or later, you can take advantage of Magento Shipping, our intelligent, multi-carrier shipping software, right from within the Magento admin.

Real Customers
Unbelievable Results

Read success stories of our customers, who have started their small businesses on Magento Open Source and saw an amazing growth.


Sell Cabinets Online
With Magento, feel they're still out in front in a competitive marketplace, offering customers what they can't get elsewhere.
“We’re Absolutely Loving It” – Soak&Sleep’s Magento 2 Upgrade
Soak&Sleep, the UK’s #1 online bed and bath brand, upgraded to Magento Commerce 2, and boosted their Average Order Value by +20%.
Stop Press! DC Thomson Launches on Magento Commerce 2
When DC Thomson, one of the oldest media creators in the UK, upgraded to Magento, they reduced 84 extensions to just 18, introduced personalization, and increased their Average Order Value by 23%.

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