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Features & Benefits: Better Store Fulfillment & Omnichannel Experiences

Add more omnichannel capabilities to turn your stores into mini-distribution centers. Expose all available inventory online and provide flexible eCommerce fulfillment options by offering in-store pickup & ship to and from store to increase sales. With an endless aisle and clienteling, the in-store experience for your customers can’t be beat.



With ship-from store capabilities, customers who buy online can now have a product shipped from a local store and instead of a central warehouse from where online inventory is generally allocated. By exposing all store inventory online you not only increase your sales but by shipping products from the closest location, the customer gets it faster.



Ship to store functionality allows you to have the inventory at the right store at the right time as opposed to carrying a lot of stock locally. It offers your customers a true omnichannel experience with greater convenience and allows you to lower your costs by shipping locally and reduce markdowns on unsold goods.

Buy online and pick up in store (BOPIS)-eCommerce-fulfillment

Buy online and pick up in store (BOPIS)

More and more customers and buying online and picking up in the store. They can shop at home, place an order and get the product faster without paying shipping fees and enjoy an easier return process. And as a merchant, you benefit because it drives foot traffic. When customers go to the stores, they spend 10 percent more.

perpetual inventory system - eCommerce fulfillment

Endless aisle of inventory

An “endless aisle” gives the customer more options to purchase items from global inventory and you can fulfill an order from anywhere. Store associates can “save the sale” they may have lost due to lack of inventory in the store. The great part is that you get more sales and the customer never walks out empty handed.

Mobile POS extends Clienteling

Mobile POS extends Clienteling

With our partner ebizmart’s mobile POS, you can achieve better in-store omnichannel experiences. Store associates can access products, pricing, coupons, and manage orders and returns from an iPad. Stored buying behavior and preferences data enable “clienteling” to personalize the customer engagement and you sell more.

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