Product Recommendations

Exclusively for Adobe Commerce merchants, Product Recommendations allow you to deliver more relevant experiences to every shopper. This capability is powered by Adobe Sensei and provides a direct way to increase the impact of digital merchandising efforts while reducing the manual work required to uncover meaningful product affinities.

This feature is available as an extension today on the Magento Marketplace for all applicable merchants.

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Harness the power of Adobe Sensei

Consumers spend 40% more time shopping when experiences are personalized. Our industry-leading AI fuels a collection of algorithms that automatically analyze shopper behavior to give them that personalized experience. No page tagging or manual analysis required - ever.

Choose the recommendation type you need

Choose the recommendation type you need

Shoppers that engage with a product recommendation are 2x more likely to return. That is why we provide a set of recommendation types you can use across various storefront pages. Shopper-based, item-based, contextual popularity-based and more are all strengthened by the continuous analysis of shopper behavior by Adobe Sensei.

Streamline workflows and metrics

Streamline workflows and metrics

The streamlined workflow makes it easy to create new recommendations. A seamless integration with Page Builder makes it effortless to drag & drop existing recommendations onto pages being authored within Page Builder.

Magento was a key factor in our x15 revenue growth in just three years.

Thomas Finney CTO, SHOEBACCA

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