3 Ways To Capture More Mobile Revenue: Learnings From A Magento Community Effort

About the Webinar

Mobile is hot, but mobile conversion (and revenue!) are not. Over the past six months 15 Magento System Integrators, Magento and technology partners like HiConversion and PayPal have tried over 3 million experiments (and growing) to help close this mobile revenue gap.

Join us for a Magento-hosted webinar exploring the findings and get 3 absolutely critical improvements to test before the all important holiday season.

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What one icon can you add to your mobile checkout to improve revenue by 17.37%?
  • Default credit card forms may be hurting your checkout – one change increased revenues by an average of 21.53%.
  • Your mini-cart may be costing you dearly in checkout revenue. Want an easy 8.72% revenue lift for 5 minutes work?

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One Hour duration


David Henrickson

David Henrickson

CTO, HiConversion
Oliver Sosinsky

Oliver Sosinsky

Senior Solutions Engineer, Redstage


Joy Daniels

Joy Daniels

Head of Global Technology Partner Marketing, Magento