Accelerate Your Growth in 2018 with the Newest Release of Magento Commerce

With a new year comes the promise of new possibilities and the challenge of ambitious goals. Learn how you can make 2018 the best year ever by joining us for a special webinar. We look at what it takes to succeed in 2018 and how the newest version of Magento Commerce can elevate your company’s success.

Craig Peasley, Head of Product Marketing at Magento Commerce, shares 2017 holiday insights and 2018 predictions to help you prepare for the coming year. Next, Chris Hedge, Head of Product at Magento Commerce, shows powerful new capabilities for accelerating growth and improving operational efficiency, including Instant Purchase Checkout, Email Marketing Automation, Advanced Reporting, and more. They also profile several customers and how they are using Magento Commerce 2.2 to excel during the holiday season and beyond.

The webinar includes:

  • 2017 Holiday Sales Results and Learnings
  • Commerce Predictions for 2018
  • Live Product Demonstrations
  • Customers Testimonials
  • Live Q&A

Watch today, and prepare for your company’s best-ever year.

Chris Hedge, Magento Senior Product Director
Craig Peasley, Head of Product Marketing, Magento
Matt George, Senior Solutions Consultant, Magento
Magento Commerce

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