The Anatomy of B2B Success: Brymec

This is a great opportunity to discuss the critical aspects of what makes B2B eCommerce successful. Join Magento Commerce, Magento Solution Partner, Monsoon Consulting, and leading UK supplier and industry leader in B2B online sales, Brymec, for The Anatomy of B2B Success webinar.

In this webinar, Peter Sheldon shares how digital transformation is driving B2B online sales growth and provide tips on current eCommerce executive thinking. Guy Hewison and Russell Schlaudraff from Brymec share how they are delivering the ‘future of online ordering.’

If you are serious about growing your B2B eCommerce, discover:

  • What's driving the move to online ordering and self service in B2B
  • The importance of understanding who your customers’ buyer really is
  • The common challenges and pitfalls B2B companies face with implementations
  • Advice from Brymec for sourcing a B2B eCommerce platform
  • Tactics for growing online sales and providing a better customer experience
Guy Hewison, Innovation and Continuous Improvement Manager, Brymec
Russell Schlaudraff, Digital Services Manager, Brymec
Stephen Kenealy, Co-Founder and Director, Monsoon Consulting
Peter Sheldon, VP of Strategy, Magento Commerce
Brymec Enjoys B2B Success

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