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Forrester Study: What It Takes To Be a Leader in B2B eCommerce

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Digital commerce is becoming a central strategy for driving core B2B business priorities — from increasing revenue to improving overall customer satisfaction and loyalty. But, new commissioned research conducted by Forrester Consulting finds that only 26% of B2B companies have fully implemented best practices that correlate with greater success in achieving these goals.

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  • How to assess the maturity level of your eCommerce operations
  • Best practices for structuring your organization to drive eCommerce success
  • Critical capabilities to look for in B2B eCommerce solutions
  • Top tactics used by leading B2B businesses to transform their digital buying experiences

Check out the companion webinar below with our guest Forrester Analyst John Bruno. John analyzes these new research findings, shares benchmarks to help you evaluate your eCommerce maturity, and provides examples of how companies are successfully advancing their digital experiences.

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What It Takes To Be a Leader in B2B eCommerce

What It Takes To Be a Leader in B2B eCommerce

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