The Best of Both Markets

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Five Reasons to Go Hybrid with Your eCommerce Strategy 

With online B2B purchases hitting $9 trillion in 2019, the lines between B2B and B2C continue to blur. As B2C companies deploy wholesale storefronts, their B2B counterparts are embracing direct-to-consumer sales.  

Empower your business with the best of both approaches. The Best of Both Markets outlines five reasons why hybrid eCommerce approach can deliver a powerful competitive advantage, including: 

  • Simplifying operations with one platform which integrates your CRM, ERP, and other systems 
  • Separating yourself from the competitive pack with a diversified business model 
  • Creating a customized B2B buying experience so good it feels like B2C 
  • Futureproofing for new revenue streams, even if you aren’t selling today 
  • Unifying inventory management while customizing product offers for B2B and B2C buyers 
The Best of both Markets

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