6 Keys to a Better Checkout Experience

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Join industry experts from Magento Commerce, Loqate, Signifyd, Vertex, Klarna, and Amazon Pay, as they address the pain points associated with checkout from a customer's perspective. Is their experience seamless? Does it convert casual shoppers into loyal customers?

See how improving these 6 checkout areas can help exceed customer expectations:

  • Capture and verify email addresses
  • Improve data security by reducing chargebacks and fraud
  • Provide accurate tax rates and rules to ensure tax compliance
  • Offer immediate customer payment, and options to pay for purchases over time
  • Deliver inspiring innovation and scalability with a model eCommerce platform
  • Accept secure payments for online and mobile payments

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Magento Speakers

Magento Speakers

Industry experts from Magento Commerce


Joy Daniels

Joy Daniels

Head of Global Technology Partner Marketing, Magento

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6 Key Components of a Better Checkout Experience

6 Key Components of a Better Checkout Experience

Looking to improve customer experience and increase revenue? Consider reevaluating your checkout. Within this new guide, we address pain points associated with checkout from the customer’s perspective.