Compete with the Leaders of eCommerce by Going Customer First

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Boost your B2B eCommerce experience by prioritizing customer expectations

The giants of online commerce have spent millions to overtake the digital landscape. But B2B businesses like yours are pushing back with customer-focused strategies to deliver winning eCommerce experiences.

Justin King, B2B commerce expert and President of B2X Partners, joins us live via webcast to discuss the “3 Challenges to Successful B2B eCommerce” on November 7th at 9:00am PST.

This growth-oriented webinar examines how prioritizing customer expectations is helping B2B businesses successfully – and affordably – grow their eCommerce presence in today’s competitive online marketplace.

Discover how the customer-first focus is giving B2B eCommerce a fighting chance against the giants of digital commerce.

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Justin King

Justin King

President of B2X Partners Justin King is President of B2X Partners with nearly 20 years of eCommerce and B2B customer experience. Continually at the forefront of growth and trends in B2B eCommerce, Justin partners with customers to help them develop tactical eCommerce strategies delivering meaningful business results.