Demystifying Website Performance and Its Impact on Revenue

About the Webinar

Website performance has become a buzzword in the ecommerce space over the past few years, but many websites are still in the dark around what website performance consists of and how it impacts revenue.

Join our guest presenter Stewart McGrath, CEO and co-founder of section.io. He will unravel the mysteries of website performance and review what elements of website performance could be impacting your Magento revenue, including website speed, scalability, and conversion rate. Highlighting case studies from Magento beauty and fashion merchants, Stewart will provide simple takeaways on website performance, how it is measured, and what steps to take to improve your website performance.

You’ll learn:

  • What elements make up website performance
  • The impact website speed and performance has on cart conversion rate and revenue
  • How to measure your current site speed and scalability
  • What steps to take to improve your Magento performance, including a 30-day action plan

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Stewart McGrath

Stewart McGrath

CEO and co-founder, section.io