Differentiate Your Brand in a Market Full of Clones

About the Webinar

Is your business identity unique enough? Maybe you find yourself selling in a market flooded with identical products or services. If so, this session is for you, as you’ll get best practices and learn from real-world stories to help you differentiate your brand and keep customers coming back.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this session:

  • Craft a unique identity and value proposition.
  • Use strong marketing, performance, and identity foundations to build loyalty.
  • Assess what is or isn’t unique about your business to plan for differentiated experiences going forward.

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15 Minutes duration


Philippe R Collin III

Philippe R Collin III

VP of Technology, Kensium Philippe R Collin III is the vice president of technology for Kensium, an international and award-winning e-commerce and ERP implementation team. He excels at strategic and innovative thinking and is responsible for building and maintaining Kensium’s world-class support services division. He is a highly driven technology executive with a proven track record for increasing the efficacy and efficiency of the teams that he's a part of. He helps build teams that scale, processes that work, innovative technology, and the future of companies through experience, innovation, and forethought.