Driving Conversions & Revenue with A/B Testing

About the Webinar

Test, execute & analyze: a/b testing strategies that work.

Join us for a webinar featuring Kevin Eichelberger, CEO of Blue Acorn, and Sean Fisher, Director of eCommerce at Signature Hardware.

A recognized industry leader, Blue Acorn has run countless A/B tests for merchants, including some of the biggest names in fashion, retail, cosmetics, hardware and digital goods. Based on Kevin’s Magento Imagine presentation — the most tweeted about session of the conference — this webinar will reveal more than a dozen of the most effective Blue Acorn tests from the past year, along with insights and learnings from Signature Hardware on how A/B testing can drive greater engagement, conversions and revenue. We’ll debunk A/B testing myths and arm you with new ideas to energize your testing strategy.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • Where to focus your testing efforts
  • How to use split tests to avoid missteps when making wholesale changes to page layouts
  • How to optimize experiences and establish best practices for mobile shopping
  • How to translate offline purchase behavior to eCommerce
  • How to avoid testing pitfalls
  • More!

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Kevin Eichelberger

Kevin Eichelberger

CEO, Blue Acorn
Sean Fisher

Sean Fisher

Director of eCommerce, Signature Hardware


Blue Acorn