The 5 W's of Drop Shipping Tax Rules

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Pressure on retailers to offer both, an expanded product line and rapid home delivery, is driving many to increase their drop shipping programs. According to the Retail Systems Research Report, Retail Insight: Moving Beyond Omnichannel, 40 percent of their retail respondents expect an increase in drop ship vendors in 2017–a trend echoed by logistics service providers catering to retail.

Drop shipping is emerging as a smart, go-to strategy for retailers looking to capture and retain customer attention. But with increased revenue and customer expectations, come new concerns.

Magento, Vertex, Logicbroker, and Temando have come together to bring you the best practices for drop shipping when selling online.

This webinar will provide merchants with strategies to:

  • Automate complex sales tax while expanding business through drop shipping
  • Capture and retain customer attention
  • Expand product line and home delivery
  • Lower inventory and supply chain costs while driving increased sales
  • Accurately display full shipping costs at checkout

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Magento Speakers

Magento Speakers

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Joy Daniels

Joy Daniels

Head of Global Technology Partner Marketing, Magento



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The 5 W's Of Drop Shipping Tax Rules: What Ecommerce Retailers Must Know

The 5 W's Of Drop Shipping Tax Rules: What Ecommerce Retailers Must Know

The 5 W’s of Drop Shipping Tax Rules takes a comprehensive look at what ecommerce retailers must consider when handling their drop shipping operations.