eCommerce Shopping Trends in the United Arab Emirates

About the Report

How Retailers Can Win Over Emirati Shoppers

About the Infographic:

What makes an Emirati shopper choose one brand over another and what factors boost brand loyalty and repeat business? And, what commerce features will make a consumer avoid a brand? Knowing the answers to these questions helps commerce brands prioritise for customers in specific geographic locations.

To find these answers and much more, Magento commissioned a research study with YouGov in 2019. Over 18,000 respondents from 15 countries were asked to share the factors that affected their online retailer preferences, and also their viewpoints on data sharing, environmental policies and new technologies.

The resulting Magento Commerce infographic examines these consumer preferences across the United Arab Emirates.

In it you will learn:

  • eCommerce features that make consumers more likely to buy
  • The reasons an Emirati shopper will avoid a retailer
  • Insights into consumer views on environmental policies, automation, and more…
eCommerce Shopping Trends in the United Arab Emirates

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