Integration Wins: Microsoft Dynamics ERP

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How 4 merchants grew fast and won big by integrating Microsoft Dynamics with Magento Commerce

Systems integration projects can sometimes feel daunting. But connecting your ERP and commerce platforms eliminates manual data entry, ensures accurate product information, and gives customers better visibility into their online orders.

Many Microsoft Dynamics users choose Magento Commerce because it lets them create a truly unique brand experience that works seamlessly with their ERP. We’ve rounded up a curated collection of 4 merchants that successfully integrated with the help of Magento partners Absolunet, eBridge Connections, i95dev, and Visionet, to achieve some fantastic results.


  • See how Trail-Gear tackled their ERP-Commerce integration and enabled their fulfillment team to streamline backorder support, drop ship, partial shipment, and tax management
  • Learn why Everlast integrated Magento and Microsoft Dynamics to increase the speed of data exchange, making customer service more efficient
  • Read about furniture powerhouse, Structube, who tripled online orders after integrating Magento and Microsoft Dynamics
  • Step into the story of a B2B digital services company that overcame redundant data challenges and reduced costs with a self-service customer portal
ERP and Commerce Integration Wins

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