Evolving with B2BCX

About the Webinar

Overcoming challenges of delivering B2B growth through customer experience improvements, with learnings from a European World Business Research study.

Today’s customer will go elsewhere if you can’t provide high-value, physical and digital customer experiences (CX). When researching B2B purchases, they are gauging the experience against the best sites they have engaged with whether B2B or B2C.

Today’s B2B company struggles to control the buying experience, with complex buying networks in place that prevent personalization and ease of transaction.

In Europe, where 67% of B2B purchases are influenced by digital, the customer experience provided by manufacturers and distributors through online commerce needs work.

In this webinar, experts from Magento & Vaimo look at:

  • The 5 challenges to providing a great B2BCX
  • How you can personalise to align with customer’s aspirations
  • Consistency: the result of careful data management across sales channels

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45 min duration