Flex Your B2B Commerce Superpowers

About the Guide

Are you ready to become the digital hero of your B2B organization?

The opportunity is now for digital transformation. Arm your organization with the best practices and strategic insight to help you create powerful shopping experiences that captivate customers and boost sales.

The B2B Commerce Best Practices Book is a FREE 50-page guide packed with the latest digital commerce tips, strategies, and tactics to help you transform your business. Compiled by experts from Magento Commerce, the world's #1 commerce platform, it includes the digital strategies that help Magento power more than $101 Billion in sales transactions every year.

In this exclusive publication, Magento has consulted a panel of B2B superheroes to help you navigate your own B2B digital transformation, and become the digital hero of your organization.

Key highlights in the eCommerce Guide:

  • Influence Buying Habits
  • Reduce Expenditure
  • Grow Revenue
  • Create Opportunities

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