Four Key Trends Transforming Commerce

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There are four key trends that will transform commerce in 2017: global, payments, mobile, and social. This commerce revolution is driven by advances in technology, smart phone adoption, and shifting consumer trends. The number of smartphone users in the world will surpass two billion users this year.1 Mobile technologies are opening up new ways for consumers to shop and for merchants to reach their customers. Alternative payments are no longer a nice-to-have  for online retailers — they are essential.

The ‘Millennial’ generation is the biggest in US history. Not only do Millennials have more spending power than any of their predecessors but they are also purchasing differently. With an increase in mobile payment volume of 44 percent year-over-year2, nearly 40 percent of Millennials don’t expect to need cash within a decade. They also prefer to use the financial service offerings of tech leaders over those offered by their own bank.3

Technologies are also enabling merchants to expand their customer base globally and to reach customers in their daily lives. In the next five years, consumer cross-border sales are projected to triple to a total volume of $450 billion.4

Are you prepared for these rapid changes in the consumer mind-set and behavior?

Join our guest presenter Raja Chakravorti  Director, Head of Mid-Market & Retail Partner Development, North America at PayPal. Raja will speak to the changing commerce environment and how businesses can leverage these trends to better interact with buyers.

You’ll learn:

  • Four trends transforming commerce
  • How to adapt and thrive in the changing commerce landscape
  • How to drive conversion and increase sales

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