The Headless Commerce Primer for Growing Merchants

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According to, by 2021 the number of people purchasing online is projected to hit 2.1 billion, while global eCommerce sales will approach the $5 trillion mark.

In this exciting era of growth, merchants are turning towards faster, flexible approaches to customer experience management and content development.

The Headless Commerce Primer is our entry-level introduction to the basic mechanics and business benefits underlying API-based eCommerce architecture:

  • The Progression of Digital Shopping
    Understanding the pros and cons of headless in the context of modern eCommerce
  • A New Approach to Experience Management
    Learn how headless enhances site customization and experience innovation 
  • Calculating Your Commitment
    Identify the resources required for a successful transition to headless 
  • Keep Your Head and Lose It Too
    How to benefit from headless commerce without making a full commitment
The Headless Commerce Primer for Growing Merchants

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