How 3 Companies Broke New Ground with Hybrid Commerce

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Blending B2B and B2C is good for business

While many B2C businesses are eyeing the lucrative opportunities B2B selling bring, it does involve different selling motions, processes and infrastructure.

But it’s completely doable, and the payoff from new revenue streams can be massive.  We’ve rounded up three companies that took the plunge with Magento to move to hybrid selling—why they did it, how they went about it, and what the results were.

  • HP Inc. bridges online and in-store experiences around their consumer electronics business across five countries
  • Office furniture manufacturer, Steelcase, spun up customizable product catalogs and “punch-out” support for eProcurement systems like SAP and Ariba
  • A Little Lovely Company unified inventory management for their line of home décor, selling to consumers online, in their brick-and-mortar stores, and driving wholesale business.

Bonus Content: 10 questions to ask when choosing a hybrid eCommerce platform.

How 3 Companies Broke New Ground with Hybrid Commerce

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