How to Build Your Personal Brand for the Future

About the Webinar

If you’re feeling the pain of recent shifts in resources resulting in layoffs or furloughs, or if you’re seeking ways to enhance digital and marketing skills, this is the right session for you. Join Karen Freberg, PhD, to learn expert insights and get her tactical guide on how to be agile, responsive, and proactive in maneuvering today’s business reality. Ramp up your skills and create new opportunities.

Join this session to learn how to do the following:

  • Enhance your creative and storytelling skills
  • Market your personal brand
  • Embrace digital literacy.

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15 Minute duration


Karen Freberg

Karen Freberg

PhD, Associate Professor, Strategic Communications, University of Louisville Karen Freberg is an associate professor in strategic communications at the University of Louisville, where she teaches, researches, and consults in social media strategy, public relations, and crisis communication. Freberg has experience working with brands like Hootsuite, General Motors, Breeders’ Cup, Facebook, and Chipotle.