How Catbird Conquered Mobile Optimization Using Magento & PayPal

About the Webinar

Discover how a mobile-first approach empowered this NYC jewelry brand.

Watch this on-demand webinar hosted by Catbird’s Anna Mikkelsen, Stacie Ronayne of PayPal, Ali Ahmed from Imagination Media, and Andy Barker of Magento, you’ll hear how mobile-first solutions from Magento and PayPal have propelled the rapid growth of this socially-conscious, style-minded business:

  • Learn about Catbird’s expansion from a Williamsburg storefront to a brand touted by such fashion icons as Marie Claire and Vogue
  • Discover how a mobile-first approach increased their total revenue by 20 percent and mobile revenue by 50 percent
  • Gain valuable insights into Catbird’s mobile optimization research utilizing the combined power of PayPal and Magento

Watch today to discover the benefits of mobile-first experiences and how Magento can grow your business.

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