How Site Search is Rocking Retail

About the Webinar

Discover the extreme relevance of commerce site search for 2017 and beyond.

Watch our webinar dedicated to site search, with Jeffrey Tower. Jeffrey is the Chief Marketing Officer at Celebros, a Magento Premier Technology Partner. He will reveal why visitors prefer site search over navigation, and how you can use search to increase site-wide conversion rates. This webinar is intended for all merchants who are striving to boost conversions and drive sales, through better customer experiences.

Gain an understanding of:

  • Site search fundamentals – the differences between textual versus keyword search, Solr versus ElasticSearch, and natural language and semantic site search

  • The importance of machine learning with natural language processing for site search

  • The effect of natural language search for mobile users

  • How natural language search is integral to the Internet of things (IoT shopping)

  • How to leverage search analytics and better merchandise your site to increase revenue


Jeffrey Tower

Jeffrey Tower

Chief Marketing Officer, Celebros