Imagine 2016 - The Inescapable B2B Buyer Journey Shift to Mobile

About the Video

Moderator: Peter Sheldon, Head of Strategy, Magento Commerce

Brad Kuhns, Sr. Manager of eCommerce & Customer Experience, Zoetis

Laura Van Sickle, Diretor of eCommerce, SureGrip Footwear

Mark Zoske, CEO, Saltworks

With the proliferation of the “Mobile Millennial” generation and their increasing influence on corporate buying trends, mobile-optimized B2B sites and engagement apps are are imperative. Nearly half of all B2B buyers now use a mobile device during their purchasing journey, making the delivery of a seamless mobile experience paramount to future growth. Hear directly from B2B merchants and partners on how they are deploying best-in-class digital strategies to keep pace.