Magento BI Essentials: Making Data Easy

About the Webinar

Becoming a data-driven organization is challenging. To make a game changing impact requires time, resources, and significant investments in technology. Some businesses feel frustrated that their current processes make it impossible to move quickly. As a result, many businesses are forced to make reactive decisions. This is probably why 73 percent of businesses are investing or say they plan to invest in data within the next two years.

The good news for Magento merchants is that becoming data-driven doesn’t have to be a challenge. Join Bob Moore, Head of Magento Business Intelligence, to hear about why forward-thinking businesses are choosing MBI Essentials to help them harness the power of data. You’ll discover how they get the most out of the five data dashboards included with Essentials from the start.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why the time is now to become more data-driven
  • The theory behind Magento Business Intelligence Essentials
  • The importance of every Essentials dashboard:
    • Executive Overview
    • Customer Activity
    • Customer Retention
    • Orders Analyses
    • Product Analyses 

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