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Magento Commerce Cloud 2.2 Performance Benchmark Report

About the White Paper

This white paper aims to validate the Magento Commerce Cloud Pro product with a use case of 5,000 concurrent shoppers and 5 concurrent administrators, proving that the platform meets the requirements of a high-traffic eCommerce site while providing additional capacity for potential growth. It will help eCommerce managers and technical staff to better understand the performance characteristics of the application and get an idea of the recommended infrastructure to run a large-scale Magento Commerce store.

Store specifications:

  • 1.9 million SKUs
  • Content updates to up to ~ 100,000 products per day
  • Large product attributes – more than 1,000 options
  • Due to the high number of concurrent users, the Magento Commerce Cloud Pro Plan with 120 cores was chosen for measurement
  • Load average was chosen to equal 1.5 user/core

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