A Merchant’s Biggest Differentiator: Customer Experience Beats Price

About the Webinar

eCommerce is booming in Europe and surpassed the €621BN mark in 2019. Busy lifestyles, coupled with consumer confidence with technology, it’s no surprise that consumers are swapping physical stores for digital shopping.

With thousands of online merchants, it is hard to stand-out from the crowd. Price is an important issue but it was not rated as the most important factor by consumers when choosing to return to a brand. There is clearly more to online success than simply being the cheapest.

Watch our webinar based on the results of a new survey of shoppers in 8 EMEA countries, hosted by Adobe’s EMEA Marketing Director, Peter Bell in which he shares insights on the value of experience and convenience to build loyalty that lasts.

In this webinar, we discuss:

  • What makes customers want your offerings?
  • What makes them come back?
  • What are the usual pain points they experience with you?
  • What are they willing to exchange with you?


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45 minute duration


Peter Bell

Peter Bell

Commercial Marketing Director, EMEA, Adobe As part of the Adobe regional marketing leadership team, Peter leads Marketo’s Product Marketing in EMEA, partnering closely with teams and partners to deliver business growth. With over 25 years of experience in marketing, Peter has contributed to the success of a portfolio of brands in the software and digital media industries including Microsoft Surface, Skype, Xbox, MSN and Windows.