Mmmbrellas: A Tale of Two Magento Stores

About the Video

Put a Smile on Your Business with Magento Commerce.

Since its release in 2008, Magento Open Source has provided merchants a solution to create digital ecommerce success. Now, we’re giving you a reason to smile about the future with, Mmmbrellas: A Tale of Two Magento Stores, a delightful demonstration of new possibilities with Magento Commerce.

Magento Commerce delivers competitive functionality to drive your digital growth:

  • Mop Up Cart Abandonment
    Empower shoppers with fast, instant checkout, reducing time-to-purchase by 90 percent
  • No Coding Required
    Enjoy rapid content creation using Magento Page Builder’s simplified drag-and-drop interface
  • Optimized for Mobile
    Engage mobile shoppers using responsive site themes and the revolutionary Progressive Web Application Studio
  • Grow Your Global Presence
    Make your debut on the international stage with support for multi-currency, multi-lingual sites managed from a centralized platform