PINO Stays Agile with Headless Commerce

About the Webinar

Staying agile and quickly meeting customer needs is paramount. Like many businesses, PINO had long pursued a monolithic IT approach, which wasn't scalable and prevented the company from quickly responding to changing market conditions. The decision to use Magento Commerce as a headless solution with PWA Studio as an order engine for all digital touchpoints solved business issues like unifying sales systems, optimizing the experience and usability of the point-of-sale system, and reducing dependencies on IT and back-end systems.

Here's what you'll learn in this session:

  • How headless technologies like Magento Commerce are evaluated from an executive perspective
  • PINO's current state of development, the improved user experience, and their successes
  • Planned next steps to achieve an even better experience that can be improved continuously

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15 Minute duration


Stefan Willkommer

Stefan Willkommer

Founder and CEO, TechDivision Stefan is founder and CEO of TechDivision GmbH, a provider for digital commerce, omnichannel, and agilization. He has more than 15 years of experience in this area. He is an outspoken evangelist for open source and supports a serious number of national and international brands on their e-commerce and omnichannel activities.
Martin Mannowetz

Martin Mannowetz

E-Commerce Manager, PINO Martin has been responsible for the development and operation of PINO's online shops since 2015. During this time he was responsible for several migrations and new developments based on Magento. He used the requirements and changes in the market and in PINO's digital projects to introduce new ways of working, like agile project management, and to drive the shift to current technologies and trends, like cloud, PWA, and VR.