Prep Your Business for Anything

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Use this business continuity checklist to make sure your business stays up and running — and selling — no matter what.

Business continuity is more than just a disaster recovery plan. No organization’s plan will be perfect or all-seeing, but a strong plan will provide a framework for responding to contingencies and making sound decisions during fast-changing events.

More than 35 percent of businesses don’t have a business continuity plan, but there is no time like the present to create or update yours. Be prepared with this checklist to mitigate potential impacts to customers, supply chains, and employees.

  • How to identify foreseeable threats in your region and industry—everything from extreme weather to pandemics to data breaches
  • Understanding impacts on your business, employees, and your infrastructure
  • Creating mitigation plans and response teams to minimize disruption and respond quickly
  • Why digital commerce is essential to business continuity
Prep Your Business for Anything

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