The Real Seamless Customer Experience


With a hundred-year-long legacy creating and delivering quality footwear, Gabor Shoes AG are experts in adapting to their shoppers needs and evolving business demands.

The company has increased its sales by 20 percent with the introduction of endless aisle, to bridge the gaps of online and offline shopping.

Learn how Gabor Shoes AG transformed challenge into opportunity to satisfy their customers, both online and in store.

You'll hear from the source:

  • The business drivers that led to building an omnichannel strategy
  • A blueprint from kickoff to implementation and integration
  • Key milestones and ROI demonstrating a dramatic increase in sales

“For us, the Gabor marketplace is ushering in a new era and is just the beginning of our digitalization offensive.”
-Dr. Markus Reheis, CMO, Gabor Shoes AG

Michael Sonier, Head of Omnichannel Product Management, Magento
Dr. Markus Reheis, CMO, Gabor Shoes AG
Stefan Willkommer, CEO, TechDivision GmbH
Webinar: The Real Seamless Customer Experience

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