The ROI of Migrating to Magento Commerce 2

About the Webinar

Discover how Magento Commerce 2 drives growth

Understanding ROI is crucial for making any business decision, and that includes migrating to Magento 2.

In this on-demand webinar, John Glasgow (Director of Commerce Strategy) and Corey Gelato (eCommerce Strategy Consultant) from Adobe cover the critical differences between Magento 1 and Magento 2 and discuss how these platform innovations are translating into tangible results for customers.

  • Learn about the Magento Commerce 2 features driving significant ROI
  • See a live demo of the new functionality included in Magento Commerce 2.3
  • Review financial benefits experienced by merchants using Magento Commerce 2

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John Glasgow

John Glasgow

Director of Commerce Strategy for Adobe Commerce Cloud John Glasgow is Director of Commerce Strategy at Adobe, leading strategic initiatives for Adobe Commerce Cloud including product pricing, product integrations, M&A, product capabilities and competitive differentiation. Previously, he worked in technology investment banking on projects ranging from growth/strategy to M&A transactions for leading software companies such as Magento Commerce (Adobe), Salesforce, SnapChat and Intuit. During this time, he advised Magento Commerce on strategy and growth initiatives from 2015 through 2017.
Corey Gelato

Corey Gelato

eCommerce Strategy Consultant Corey Gelato has 14+ years of experience in eCommerce, mostly as a strategic advisory for merchants across various industries from SMBs to Fortune 500 companies. Corey currently works as an eCommerce Strategy Consultant for Magento and Adobe, in which he strategizes directly with merchants globally to ensure they are maximizing what Magento and the ecosystem have to offer.