The shop never stops: Consumer preferences report

About the Report

How consumer habits changed in 2020 and which ones are here to stay.

It’s no secret that as a result of the pandemic certain e-commerce trends have accelerated, and shopper habits have drastically changed. But which changes are temporary, and which are here to stay?

To find these answers and much more, Magento commissioned a survey spanning 13 countries across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Over 7,000 respondents were asked to share the factors that affected their online shopping preferences.

Over half (54%) of shoppers say the pandemic changed their online shopping expectations. And consumers say they are more likely than ever to compare different websites, especially for price, ease of finding products and a simple checkout experience. For e-commerce merchants, having a standout customer experience throughout the entire customer journey has never been more crucial to success.

The report includes:

  • Which e-commerce shopping trends were accelerated in 2020
  • Comparisons to Magento's 2019 Study - What has changed?
  • Specific features that make consumers more likely to buy
  • Insights into those who shop online frequently vs. infrequently and how their preferences differ
The shop never stops: Consumer preferences report

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