Unlocking the Secret to Online Reviews


Did you know that roughly 90 percent of customers claim that their buying decisions are swayed by online reviews, regardless if they are positive or negative? Join Tara Crawshaw, Manager of Customer Success at Springbot, and Jessica Kochik, CMO at The Tea Spot, for a healthy conversation on best practices when it comes to handling positive and negative reviews on your eCommerce store.

In this webinar, we’ll address:

  • Why it's important to add reviews to your marketing strategy
  • What you can learn from bad reviews and how to ask for new ones
  • How review integrations can help grow your eCommerce business
  • Key differences between user-generated and brand-generated content

After watching this webinar, participants will have a clearer understanding of the benefits of utilizing customer reviews as part of their eCommerce marketing strategy and will learn best practices for using reviews to strengthen their online brand and drive revenue.

Joy Daniels, Head of Global Technology Partner Marketing
Tara Crawshaw, Manager, Customer Success, Springbot
Jessica Kochik, CMO, The Tea Spot
Webinar: Unlocking the Secret to Online Reviews

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